The Takers Club is growing! 💗

In 2019, The Takers club merchandise was launched to provide quality workout and rehabilitation equipments for Takers across the United Kingdom, this allowed us to lengthen our hands of support. - And we couldn't have achieved this success without the commitment and support of Takers across the globe!

What we look for in our Ambassadors:​

We are looking for well-connected thought leaders!

We want REAL people with beliefs that align with the TakersClub - Invest in yourself.

Existing and potential customers can see this as an opportunity to play an important role in the Takers Club

A background in fitness is beneficial, however, an interest in health and wellness is a most required.


You?; @ThisCouldBeYou

Why you should be a Takers Club Ambassadors:​

Ambassadors will get first hand information on everything catered to the Takers Club. You will benefit from generous discounts other financial incentives. You will also get guest passes to the Takers Club live events. Asides from the discounts, you will be featured on our website and social media sites, you will have first hand 


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